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date: December 8 2021

When a company is creating a website, the site must have hosting and a domain name.


You may receive fake phone calls and e-mails from scammers asking you to pay fees for hosting or for your website domain name. It is important not to give your banking information to them. You can always contact the web agency you are dealing with to verify that your hosting is paid for and is functional.


If you are hosting outside of a web design company, we recommend that you call your web host to make sure your website is working properly. You can also make sure that your payments are up to date.


First of all, check that the telephone numbers calling you are Canadian numbers. Also make sure you know the name of the company calling you. Scammers will trick you into acting quickly by telling you that your website is no longer available online. We recommend that you contact your web design company before making any payment.


Web hosting allows an individual to publish their website on the Internet. Your website will therefore be saved on the computers and servers of the company with which you do business.


Without hosting, your website will not be accessible to your customers. To learn more about hosting, see our article on hosting and domain names:

The domain name

The domain name allows you to have a unique name on the web. When your customers search for your domain name on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), they will have access to your website. For example, Inovision’s domain name is:


To learn more about domain names, see our article on hosting and domain names:

Agence de création Web 

Il est important de bien choisir son nom de domaine et son hébergeur Web. Une agence spécialisée en conception, gestion et stratégie numérique de site Web saura vous conseiller et vous proposer la meilleure solution pour votre site Web. Suite à la création d’un site Web avec Inovision, nous offrons la première année d’hébergement gratuite! 



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