Creating visual or written content is used to feed the website and social networks of a company in a coherent manner that fits your marketing strategy.

In addition to creating websites, our editorial agency on the South Shore of Montreal produces professional writing, photos and videos that help enhancing your business.

Our digital communication agency is able to develop a marketing strategy, in order to target the right clientele. The creation of useful and relevant content aims to attract and retain a well-defined audience, with the ultimate goal of generating profitable call-to-action. A website may seem expensive, but marketing efforts ensure growth and a good return on investment.

We use this strategy as a backdrop for creating written and visual communication. The relevance of the content is thus ensured, and it’s easier to make strategic decisions based on it. We try to solve a problem or answer a question from the user because his presence on our site indicates that he has a real need.

Research work is expected in the time of writing, translation and production of video content, because we produce new material for each client. We take the time to master your subject in order to create original and innovative content. That’s the usefulness of a digital communication agency. The result ? Increased sales, cost savings and more loyal customers.


Clearly explain who you are and what you do.

Online writing is different from classic writing because it has several specific constraints. Information structure is often divided into paragraphs with a number of specific words. Highlighting messages energize reading. In addition, using keywords is asked to the editor for a better web referencing.

Content optimization service is an addition to the simple classic writing. This process, more fully explained in the content optimization section, encourages search engines to rank your site as a priority in search results.

Special attention is paid to the targeted audience, because the choice of words must be in line with the type of clientele. For example, the use of commercial jargon should be avoided if the user is not an expert of your domain.


Make all your communications accessible.

Some sites require a bilingual service to provide better accessibility to its public. If some of your target customers don’t understand French, you have every advantage in translating your site and your digital communications. This applies to businesses that are working internationally, as well as businesses that operate in Quebec and Canada.

In the same way that only writing has its particularities, translating information on the web requires a multimedia experience. The texts to be translated are selected carefully by sections, so the pages codes aren’t altered.

Online writing often includes using strategic words to improve the positioning of your website. Translators need to know equivalent expressions in English, which requires research work to include relevant keywords.

Photos and Videos

Create images to enhance your website and stand out with a unique touch.

A multimedia web page can include photos, videos, graphics and even animation. It’s important to have a good image quality and a uniform visual processing in a website. Our multimedia agency uses various photographic styles such as portraiture, photo landscapes, indoor or outdoor buildings as well as the photo of commercial products.

Professional photos and videos improves the pages and make them more appealing. Trust our digital communications agency located on the South Shore of Montreal to sublimate your products with educational, promotional or advertising photos or videos. Add a portfolio section to showcase your finest achievements.

We create campaigns from A to Z, from concept development to filming and editing. Our creative team provides artistic direction for a professional result. You can then use the images on your site and your social media.



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