Google's analytics report, a complete tool

Google is the world’s leading search engine. It uses hundreds of parameters to index to totality of websites. You can get lost easily when you don’t know how to work with these tools and parameters. Which performance indicators do I have to analyze and how? A good Google analytics report is programmed specifically for each website and works with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to have to be verified in concert with your strategic plan. A web agency specialized in analysis and development will know how to study Google’s analysis report to get the best results for your website.

The monitoring of visits and interactions generated by research, your use of social media and targeted advertising can help deciding where it’s worth investing and what actions work well.

Staying up to date

As observed recently, trends are changing quickly in the web universe. It’s the same for the performance criteria imposed by Google. If web analytics services can uncover an infinite amount of data, it’s useful to learn about global trends and innovations to understand changes and adapt your strategy accordingly.

With the rise in demand for smart devices and tablets, Google has included a responsive (or adaptable for mobile) function as a determining criteria in terms of added value.

Performance reports

Key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators) are tools helping us in taking clear strategic decisions. Once a month, a Google Performance Analysis Report is edited and shared with you. These indicators, set up to provide continuous development, enable you to follow the evolution of the various strategies and to rectify them as they are deployed.

A data collection makes it possible to know the best or worse actions done in the past. Our web agency will analyze the information and therefore help you make informed decisions, because we see what the users really do.



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