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Paid Search (or SEA) uses both Google Ads and Google Analytics, while using other searches and analysis tools available in order to increase the popularity of a website.

The ultimate goal in any Adwords campaign is to increase the visibility and the audience of a site and turning clicks into concrete commitments by making contact (giving a call for example). By opting for an SEA specialized agency, you get the most out of the advantages of your website positioning on Google and other search engines.

Google Ads data alone is not enough: it doesn’t measure the activity or behavior on your site. By behavior, we mean the time spent on your site and interactions like sending an email or online shopping. In any SEA strategy, it’s better to choose the quality of the users more than the quantity. Any form of contact after clicking on your website are a good way to measure it.

The engagement or conversion rate from simple browsing to loyal customers depends on different complex factors and that’s why companies use web marketing agency for their SEA needs. To promote an effective Google Ads campaign, the best is to combine Google Ads with Google Analytics because the decision-making are based on this data. This analysis can improve future actions and therefore the optimization of your paid campaign.

While SEO focuses on the natural positioning on Google, SEA count on paid ads in search engines and on selected websites. These ads always appear above organic (natural) results, and sometimes on banners. You are then charged based on the number of clicks your ad made. The budget for your paid search campaign will be calculated per day over a period of 30 days. Depending on your budget, your advertising will be placed in different strategic locations. Our web marketing agency will help you determine what’s best for your company and what’s optimal SEA for your website.

Keywords Research

Finding the right keywords

The most searched keywords can generate the most traffic on the different pages associated to your website. The research is exhaustive and is constantly changing, since these words evolve and change over time. They concentrate your customers to the right products and pages because they show Google how relevant your site is to these topics.

Word performance statistics compare the number of clicks and the popularity level of words. This analysis is a proven way to improve the traffic on your website. Since popular keywords are constantly evolving, a paid campaign is a monthly paid service. Your ads are monitored by our team of SEA specialists and are then adjusted according to the needs and the market. Google Ads is a service that can be compared to an auction. The price of keywords may vary depending on the time of year, the competitiveness of the sector and the number of searches.

Several criteria influence the keywords research, such as the themes that you want to develop for each web page. A repetition of one or a few precise terms is used to prove the relevance of your website. That’s why opting for an SEA specialized agency will optimize the web development of your company.

Performance Tracking

Analyzing the effectiveness of the solutions chosen to increase traffic and engagement on your website.

Performance tracking can be performed with the help of Web Analytics tool, whose parameters are specifically defined for your needs. For example, we can find out if an email has generated more clicks and conversions than another, or which paid keywords generate positive results like a call, sale, signup, or download. The best rate of success is a visit converted into a sale.

By following the calls in this way, you can more efficiently distribute your budget to get the best return on your investment.

Analyze the Results

Rectify the strategy according to the last results obtained with the analysis report.

The development of tracking parameters like call tracking (which keywords turns into a phone call) are actions taken by the SEO manager of our web marketing agency. Google Analytics reports include the performance metrics that we set in advance based on the customer’s goal (Session, traffic source, content performance, conversions …).

Google’s paid search criteria evolves over time, so our web marketing team stays up to date. For example, the average loading speed of your pages has recently become a determinant of algorithms (PHP). The analysis report tells us if your loading performance is sufficient.

Regardless of the type of your website, regular check-ups are a necessity to ensure that the quality requirements are attained. A regular analysis of the results enriches the strategic positioning and improvement of your website. Your investment sectors are then optimized.



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