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Does your company need a boost for its online marketing? Our experts can guide you in the right direction.

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Design is the
most important

We make sure to start any collaboration by identifying your needs in web design and by offering you the most optimal options for you.


Let our SEO experts not only increase traffic to your site, but also conversions for new customers.

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The strategy is your short and long term goals but also the actions that needs to be taken in order to achieve them. A complete analysis helps finding the desired results and the priority actions to be initiated.

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UX Design


Our designers take care of all the elements between the user experience and the technical aspect of your website. Our creations are unique and tailor-made based on the specific needs of each and every one of our customers.

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To develop our websites, we work in static HTML or with WordPress. Our development team is adaptable to fit your needs.

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Web Hosting

We offer hosting for your website. This includes taking care of the transfer and putting your site online. One year of hosting is included with the creation of a new site!

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suivi du positionnement et des données de positionnement naturel agence web marketing service numerique

Web marketing
is what’s feeding
your site.

You’re investing in an incredible and functional website – it’s in your interest that it attracts a lot of traffic. That’s where the talent of our marketing specialists becomes useful.

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service d'analyse de statistique

SEO is being
first without

Using SEO to improve the visibility of your website is, without a doubt, the first step towards increasing the visibility of your company.

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Paid referencing
(Google Ads)

Our SEA services, or paid search, will boost your natural positioning or stand out in a competitive field.

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How to be
known by
social networks.

The SMO is not to be neglected because, unlike other SEO methods, it is no longer a question of making your website known but of improving your digital identity globally.

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service d'analyse de statistique

Web Analytics, where the tool for measuring your notoriety.

Put in place various measures to improve the SEO of your site and this way the presence of your company on the web is good, the tracker is better.

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Création de contenu Web

A word when it comes to content marketing: relevance.

Our marketing communication agency offers you the expertise of editors, translators and video and photo producers, to communicate your message in a clear and aesthetic way.

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We’ll impress you
with our recent creations.

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Follow our blog to discover our tips and strategies, to know the advances of the web and to discover the secrets of multimedia communications.

LinkedIn Ads: Why you need to be running them for your company!

In contrast ot many other platforms, LinkedIn ads are winning. They’re producing higher volume and better quality leads, which will do wonders for ROI on your marketing spend.

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COVID19 – Inovision Update

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Inovision continues to operate remotely. Thanks to remote working, we will continue to work on our projects and will remain available at all times to our customers. However, we have canceled all public events until further notice.

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SEO, SEA, SMO, SEM… what are we talking about?

Nowadays, we are all searching for information in one place: Google. We have come to an age where we no longer trust a store or restaurant th

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Choosing your domain name

Votre nom de domaine est souvent l’une des premières impressions que les internautes ont de votre présence digitale.

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Tips for planning the redesign of your website

The web is changing super quickly and the impacts on revenues and competitiveness of companies that cannot follow through are real.

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Newsletter: 6 things to start doing

Pour une entreprise, l’infolettre est la solution idéale, directe et peu coûteuse afin de maintenir un lien entre vous et vos clients.

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Mobile first – la grande révolution des petits écrans

Performants, abordables et capables de (presque) tout, les appareils mobiles sont aujourd’hui la première interface avec laquelle nous naviguons.

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What is a CMS ?

Parfois, il peut être facile de se perdre dans l’ensemble des termes techniques du web. Surtout quand on est novice dans le domaine!

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What’s a cookie? Should we fear them?

Cookies have a wide back and are often assigned wrongly to functions or properties that they do not have.

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web agency on the South Shore of Montreal.

Inovision is a young company that has been putting their talents at the service of your ambitious projects in web design and digital marketing strategy since 2009.

Création de site internet, SEO et marketing web - Inovision
Création de site internet, SEO et marketing web - Inovision
Création de site internet, SEO et marketing web - Inovision


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