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To get activation rights for your website, you need to choose an appropriate hosting platform and domain name.

We offer, as well as the websites creation service, a one-year accommodation. It’s our way of thanking you for choosing us as a website design agency.

Web hosting allows anyone (organizations to individuals) to publish their website on the Internet. For website hosting, it’s important to select an adequate, well-positioned and reliable hosting service or company. This right host is a company that offers the technology and features necessary to display your site, which is stored on computers or servers.

The server allows you to remotely view all the information of your website, by simply entering your address in the search bar. The user’s computer instantly connects to your server and your web pages are then transmitted to you via the browser. We have servers all around Quebec, and this proximity can provide you with good SEO.

Different hosting qualities justify the variety of prices for a given server. Apart from the proximity of the server, other advantages are to be considered for an informed choice. For example, high-quality hosting increases your website security and prevents some hacking risks. It can be seen as your home alarm system, whose reliability increases with price.

Web hosting

Your online home, chosen to hold your website

Web hosting must be renewed and paid each year in order to rent and reserve its location, much like the idea of ​​a lease for our home. Different types of web hosting are offered and their features also vary. These should include creating an affiliate email account and FTP access to upload files to the web server from your computer.

The choice of the host varies for each case, and it must meet the requirements of other creative tools such as WordPress to ensure compatibility of hosting plans with the tool used to build the website. An agency specializing in website designing, management and strategy will advise you and offer the best solution for your needs and your site.

Hosting can be shared with other sites on the same server to reduce costs, or on a dedicated and private server. Shared hosting limits storage and its performance depends on the bandwidth requirements of other sites, but it can work for a small site.

Domain name

The address that will be typed in the search bar.

The domain name is the name of your website. This is the address from which users can get access to your site. It allows you to easily identify your server and find the pages of your website. The domain name can include letters, numbers and a variety of extensions (.com, .ca, .co). It is unique and must be registered correctly.

Although some servers offer name options, the majority are asking their customers to have their own domain name. At the same time you get an email account associated with this one (for example,

The choice of domain name is important for promoting your site. It’s essential to find a meaningful and evocative name, which is quite simple. There are tips for saving, knowing that some popular names are more expensive and others are less expensive.



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