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It might seem obvious, but focusing on small changes to a website’s overall SEO strategy will produce noticeable increases over time. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t what is used to be. Quality content should be the main focus of your website. 

To increase your Google ranking, several resources are needed. A thorough knowledge of the search algorithms makes it possible to optimize the tags and content in order to be identified as a relevant search result. A series of techniques are applied, depending on the budget allocated.


Choosing an SEO agency that has the experience and knowledge you need is critical to your success online. 

SEO work is an investment into your site. Your website is grown and optimized piece by piece each month, ensuring you stay on top of your competition. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes longer to establish than Search Engine Advertising (SEA), but is a longer and sustainable solution. It includes long-term strategies to appear as a priority during online researches, and therefore increase your website traffic.

By choosing an SEO agency, it allows you to properly reference your website and can also helps targeting locations to attract future customers.

SEA or paid search ads, favors the placement of ads to get to the top results, and this positioning stops as soon as you stop paying.

Organic SEO can be compared to any gym training. This requires some patience, sustained efforts to implement the strategy and a great mindset to stay focused, but the return on investment is worth it. Advantageous positioning that lasts on the long term implies that you keep yourself up to date with any new keywords and trends on the web.

SEO Audit

Measuring your website performance and your marketing campaigns.

A crucial step in the development of any SEO strategy, the SEO audit evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your site in order to propose a new adapted marketing plan. Our SEO agency on the South Shore compares the SEO audit to a checkup with the doctor. According to your health check, the marketing team establishes a strategy that will be applied, from which you can track progress every month. The determined methods allow us to choose a priority development axis, depending on the budget allocated. A monthly cost is established depending on the amount of work that has to be done and the resources needed.

Our SEO agency on the South Shore of Montreal verifies the effectiveness of the different pages on your website. It also compares the added value of your offer versus your competitors. A complete audit thoroughly examines the content, the technical aspect of the website, the links and the direct and indirect competitors.

SEO Audit also provides access to organic traffic data on your site and a bank of the right keywords to use to optimize your website. It reveals a detailed portrait of the possible improvements concerning the structure and the texts on the site. Referencing your website starts with the development of a complete and relevant SEO audit.

Keywords research

The right word choice is a must in SEO.

The competition is growing and you want to securise your place in your field of activity. You should know that the keywords used in the programming and in the content of your site will bring you greater visibility and a better positioning on Google. The challenge ? Use precise and adequate words by avoiding very common expressions.

Our marketing and SEO agency on the South Shore have the right tools to measure the best expressions to use. The choice of keywords is essential for the SEO strategy. By creating a website and publications for social networks with meaningful words, you are more likely to put your company at the top of the search results list.

The ideal keyword combines a high volume of searches without being too competitive, but is also very evocative and accurate for your business. The result ? Measurable positive changes, which translates into better traffic, potentially increasing your customer base, but also better SEO of your website.

Local SEO

Efficient positioning thanks to geolocation services.

Among the techniques of websites optimization, local referencing consists in updating the information files and to help localizing your company. Our SEO agency on the South Shore of Montreal knows the best tricks in the business for efficient positioning. Completing these cards, such as the summary of your services, phone number, address and adding professional photos, requires little effort and it pays off.

Our marketing and communication agency makes it easy to get customers to know you by offering this essential service. Local SEO, as the name suggests, gives customers and future prospects a chance to locate you as soon as they make a research nearby your company.

Geographical positioning or local search services deserve to be exploited because they are inexpensive and effective. Your customers are targeted as soon as they search for keywords related to your products and services and when they are in your area.

Content creation and optimization

Standing out with relevant content that truly interests the reader.

Due to an exponential growth of information on the internet, the content of your website must be thought to stand out. In terms of SEO, the content creation and optimization service offered by our SEO agency is essential. It focuses on relevance by adding value and including technical information and news through the addition of a blog.

Creating quality content is useful for educating the user about your expertise or related topics. Emphasis can be put on content marketing development, with keyword integration and dynamic writing reflecting your distinct personality. Our SEO agency works with a team of content creation experts that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

Working hand in hand with the global strategy, the creation of digital content helps support the SEO. For efficient results, the text must be clear, concise and non-repetitive. The user should easily find the information he seeks and then contacting you as quickly as possible.

Competitive study

Receive a detailed report of your market positioning in your industry

Discover who your direct and indirect competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses, and make an informed decision about your new marketing strategy. An analysis of the type of communication, the general contents and the writing style is performed. Our SEO agency on the South Shore of Montreal provides a comparative table of each competitor’s strategies and their developing strategy in terms of products and services.

In addition to the informative content of websites and social networks, this study observes the design, logos and colors choices of different websites. By comparing different styles, from multinationals to small businesses, you can find a fair visual identity that truly represents your brand.

Analyzing your competition allows you to know where you are, to reiterate your choices and strategies or to take a new path. It gives you the opportunity to get to know you better and the opportunity to distance yourself from your competitors and position yourself accordingly!



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