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Our web strategy and marketing agency masters the art of planning the strategic actions needed to achieve the goals you’ve set for your company. Website auditing and strategic digital consulting are essential to achieve them.

The web marketing strategy helps to stay focused towards the same goal throughout the project. It helps clarify and plan actions based on the expected overall result. A marketing strategy and website design agency will advise you in a way that makes sure your website meets the web development goals that are right for you.

Each request is first analysed. Strategists will determine what message to deliver to users, investigate what they are looking for, and find out what your site’s unique value proposition is.

To define the right strategic web positioning for your business, we check your strengths and weaknesses. We then analyse several sites in your industry in order to identify the most effective strategies. We propose a strategic direction and a schedule of actions to be carried out. Once the orientation is determined, we choose together the milestones of success appropriate for the design of your website.

The goal of the strategic assessment is to measure the effectiveness of each operation during the project, in relation to the desired results. It serves as a guide throughout the project and gives a guideline to the team. Good web marketing strategy leads to good results.

Project management

Building a successful website requires good project management

The project manager is the key person who links the various departments, workers and clients and ensures follow-up throughout the project. At each step, they follow up and manages the priority actions. You can relax knowing that the project is up to date and respects the deadlines and budget determined.

The project manager plays a key role ; that person knows all the steps in designing a website, but also the responsibilities of each member of the team. It’s the anchor and it ensures that the strategy is followed at every stage of the project.

The project manager provides leadership to motivate the team, promotes an efficient work ethic and delivers quality work. He collaborates with you and can answer your questions along the way.

Strategic planning

Developing a strategic web plan to optimize your positioning.

The strategic planning is established following an exhaustive analysis of the information from your website and from your competitors websites. These suggestions includes the visual design choices, the type of information as well as the company targets. We find the best practices in your industry and choose the right angle for a digital strategy to give your site its unique value.

To better understand your needs, the project manager meets you and verifies your expectations regarding the creation of your website. The digital strategy makes it possible to choose the priority actions to ensure the success and the good development of your website.

There are several reasons to adapt and renew your website strategy. The need to match what we are and what we are planning, to stand out from the competition, or to increase the conversion rate between visitors and customers, requires the analysis of web experts.

Website Audit

Analyzing the content of your current site to offer an optimal update.

A website audit is a detailed analysis of everything related to the visibility of your site. A complete website audit gives a better understanding of why a site doesn’t generate the expected traffic or why sales aren’t increasing. Although there are automated tools to discover areas for improvement, they only detect a small part of the issues.

The website audit service shows in detail the health of your website and points out the things that need to be improved or redesigned. The strategic marketing analysis is axed on the content quality and positioning of the information.

Attention is given to the code quality and the user’s navigation experience. All this information helps to resolve the weaker aspects of your site. Strategic planning is derived from this audit.



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