The portrait of your performance

Conducting a website audit is a painstaking job because all the details of your current site have to be analyzed. This report highlights the points that are delaying your growth, but also shows some possible solutions. The code audit technique (invisible to the reader) and the contents are scrutinized thoroughly to find any flaws.

The performance of your website is related to several factors that only a professional can verify. The number of external links, as well as their quality, and the speed of navigation are among some of the factors. Make a wise choice for the optimization and development of your website and opt for a digital strategy and web design agency.

Audit technique site web | Agence digitale Rive Sud Montréal

A thorough examination

An exhaustive report of your website needs may take several days to produce. The audit includes a technical analysis ensuring that the code and the navigation are optimal. It has a social aspect, which provides data on the visibility level. Data about internal pages, and externally linked pages also helps to determine the optimal web marketing strategy for your website.

All the elements influencing the performance of your website are highlighted in order to enable you to choose the adequate actions. The audit is therefore a great solution.

Audit technique site web | Agence digitale Rive Sud Montréal

A professional audit is a big advantage

As you may know, existing softwares can allow companies to run their own audits. This option detects some problems and requires a monthly subscription. But, one of their disadvantage is the lack of solutions for a given problem, and the verifications can be complex when you aren’t a web expert…

Choosing a digital agency ensures a smart presence, which helps you understand the possible improvements for your site. A quality marketing and strategic plan can save you lots of money that could have been invested unnecessarily towards an inadequate solution.

Design is the
most important

We make sure to start any collaboration by identifying your needs in web design and by offering you the most optimal options for you.


Let our SEO experts not only increase traffic to your site, but also conversions for new customers.

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The strategy is your short and long term goals but also the actions that needs to be taken in order to achieve them. A complete analysis helps finding the desired results and the priority actions to be initiated.

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UX Design


Our designers take care of all the elements between the user experience and the technical aspect of your website. Our creations are unique and tailor-made based on the specific needs of each and every one of our customers.

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To develop our websites, we work in static HTML or with WordPress. Our development team is adaptable to fit your needs.

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Web Hosting

We offer hosting for your website. This includes taking care of the transfer and putting your site online. One year of hosting is included with the creation of a new site!

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