Website development

To develop a website, we work in static HTML or with WordPress depending on your needs. Our development team is adaptable to any of your company’s needs.

Our sites are progrmmed responsive, secure and optimized for search results

Web development requires skills in programming and design. A web developer builds the chosen template, develops and integrates multimedia services and applications in order to upload them online. They’ll intervenes throughout the production process and assembles graphic models, integrate texts, photos and videos and ensures the interactivity between the applications.

Our web creation agency can help you determine the type of website that best suits your situation so our team can configure a web solution tailored to your needs. We integrate scripts and use software such as WordPress to promote autonomy with all it’s functions. This solution allows you to add or remove content and modalities without the need of an expert.

In order to make the right choice between one of the different proposed sites or different website design, you must take into consideration the purpose behind the creation of your website. Your prerequisites, the desired customer experience, the e-commerce sales needs and any other particularities, are decisive in selecting the model or the form of your website. If you’re uncertain about which is best for your company, our web development agency can help you find the right path.

Showcase Website

The showcase of your business, to display your products and services.

The development of showcase type websites allows to present your services in a refined and aesthetic way. Your web address shows your expertise and clearly communicates the useful information to the user. The purpose of the website content is to inform the user. It’s an opportunity to sell yourself, to show who you are and to boost your company’s web presence.

Reflecting on the purpose of your site allows designers and developers to create a unique website template that shows character, while illustrating your business. Your contact information, photos, service offer and expertise are described.

This type of site is flexible, allows space for creativity and allows the adding of specific functions. The information found on a showcase site are mostly arranged in a three-column grid, and this varies according to the content needed.

E-Commerce Website

A platform for selling your products online, with ease.

As the name suggests, an e-commerce site is used to sell products or services using online transactions. We can develop your site using a variety of platforms, such as Woocommerce, stripe, paypal and more. This includes technical support and it is an easy-to-understand web platform, even for beginners.

Several themes are proposed according to the look and the desired functionalities. The professional platforms offered can be adapted to different online markets. Inventory management, customer records and invoice tracking are examples of services offered.

Your online store is the extension and the heart of your business. You can also use this system for in-store transactions. We take care of programming so you can start generating sales and increasing your visibility as soon as possible. Custom templates allow you to integrate specific modules.

Personalized Website

Choosing a platform adapted to your specific needs

Our web agency is able to customize or adapt a website to a client’s specific needs. It can be developed using a CMS such as WordPress, and with fully customized HTML/CSS code. A combination of methods can give excellent results to keep the benefits of a CMS while adding individual functions.

Adding forms, a blog or other more elaborate needs is doable. Customizable websites allows you to think outside the box with an original development designed just for you. The look, the loading speed, the functionality and the evolutionary aspects are some of the most important advantages.

Adaptive or responsive design simplifies the display for its users. This type of web design is optimal, since the majority of us navigate from a smartphone or an electronic tablet. We can anticipate a growth of this reality in the years to come. Our web development agency can create a totally customizable website, designed around your needs and budget.



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