Analysis of the information structure

It’s a question of checking the coherence between the different sections and how they are divided, as well as the ability to find the information quickly. We observe that if categories and menus are divided logically and instinctively for the user, it improves the user’s experience. A flowchart is used to find the correct guideline so the informative content will be structured in a way that is appealing to the search engines. A marketing agency offers strategic advices helping you develop your website.

An efficient information design favors a significant rise in the search results on Google. With strategic analysis, we observe the choice and positioning of informations to increase your value on the different search engine.

Conseil et stratégie marketing | Agence marketing Rive Sud

Informational watch

An analysis of its positioning makes it possible to choose an effective marketing strategy, while staying up-to-date with trends and technological advances. You can then modify your image and look at what your customers think of you. First, a research on the typical customer, or persona, can give better understanding on this approach.

With the right analysis, the right advice and the right strategy, we set the information parameters. We schedule alerts to find out which websites are talking about you and which new articles are being published in your area.

Conseil et stratégie marketing | Agence marketing Rive Sud

Visual strategy

The visual of a site reflects its brand identity. The structure, the design, the processing of the texts and the images are assembled in a harmonious way that is coherent with your mission, your vision and your values. The visual aspect stimulates the subconscious and the emotions of the user. Therefore, it must be attractive and fun. We offer the redesign of logos and the image creation to produce a unique atmosphere.

The visual must clearly indicate the type of offer. A basic structure remains similar for consistency, but the pictograms, fonts and images, as well as the chosen color palette, needs to make your website stand out.

Conseil et stratégie marketing | Agence marketing Rive Sud

Target definition

Target definition is essential. Putting the most detailed portrait possible of the typical visitors and their consumption habits allows you to build a clear message which intrigues them. Overly specialized information may discourage a less informed reader, while recounting evidence may make the users lose interest. That’s why it’s so important to know your audience.

Target definition makes it possible to address specifically the right public, with an appropriate language. The concept of persona or customer profile is used in marketing and advertising and allows the development of targeted campaigns. The right marketing strategy gives the expected results.

Design is the
most important

We make sure to start any collaboration by identifying your needs in web design and by offering you the most optimal options for you.


Let our SEO experts not only increase traffic to your site, but also conversions for new customers.

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The strategy is your short and long term goals but also the actions that needs to be taken in order to achieve them. A complete analysis helps finding the desired results and the priority actions to be initiated.

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UX Design


Our designers take care of all the elements between the user experience and the technical aspect of your website. Our creations are unique and tailor-made based on the specific needs of each and every one of our customers.

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To develop our websites, we work in static HTML or with WordPress. Our development team is adaptable to fit your needs.

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Web Hosting

We offer hosting for your website. This includes taking care of the transfer and putting your site online. One year of hosting is included with the creation of a new site!

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