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date: July 15 2019

Your domain name is often one of the first impressions that users have of your digital presence. Is it really necessary to mention that it’s imperative to make a good impression?

Your domain name should reflect your business. Your domain name must live up to your expectations. It must be able to attract interest and attract clicks, without being too original. It also needs to be easy to remember! That said, your domain name should not be too simple and indifferent; it might go unnoticed. So how to do you choose a good domain name?

The 3 first steps

The first step is the research; take the time to think about it. What do you want to convey as an image? Something classic, timeless and effective is obviously preferred. A domain name can follow you for dozens and dozens of years, so take the time to make a wise choice.

The second step is the brainstorm, or idea storm if you prefer. You may write down every idea that goes through your head somewhere to make sure you won’t miss out on the idea of ​​the century!

The third and last step is the creation; that’s when you test out your different ideas. How do I write such a word, is it necessary to use this keyword, etc.? Don’t be afraid to try several similar options or ask for advice. This could simplify your choice and help you see something you missed.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect domain name for you:

Short and sweet

Although a domain name can have up to 60 characters, it’s much more efficient to choose a domain name that is below the 20-character mark. In fact, whenever possible, always opt for something concise, in order to reduce the errors of typing or spelling. The longer your domain name is, the greater the margin of error is. You wouldn’t want people to be redirected to another site, don’t you? For example, if your company is working in the communications field, consider substituting the term simply by “com”. Much more efficient, much shorter and much more concise.

Easy to understand, to write and to read

Whenever possible, try to choose simple words with standard spelling. Also, here are some tips to try to ensure readability or understanding of your domain name; spell it out, read it aloud, ask someone else to spell it without reading it, say it several times, etc. These few tips will help you realize if something is wrong about your domain name. For example, if you chose as your domain name, but nobody except you can write it correctly on the first try, it may be a sign that your domain name needs to be rethought…

Avoid dash, numbers, and symbols

Try to avoid as much as possible characters other than letters in your domain name. However, if you can’t seem to avoid them because the name of your company has one, it remains understandable. On the other hand, if you only want to make it fancy with the numbers, think twice before doing so…

Delete the « inc. »

In a domain name, it’s not necessary to add the “inc. “. This only adds characters and length to your domain name.

Use keywords

If it’s relevant, consider adding a keyword to your domain name. Warning! There is no question of using it as you use hashtags! For example, if you have a pastry named Chez Paré, think of adding as a domain name. In Quebec, without this little keyword, it could lead to confusion …

One last thing!

So, don’t forget to pay special attention to the following two points; spelling errors and already existing marks or company name. As you want to be taken seriously, it’s important not to make spelling errors in your domain name. Especially since this name will follow you for many years! Make sure you to check the spelling of each word and check for any typing errors.

Then, make sure that your domain name doesn’t contain any trademarks or isn’t a copy of an already existing domain name. This is considered plagiarism and could even lead to prosecution… Take all the necessary precautions, and you will have a clear conscience.

If you want to deepen your knowledge in a subject related to this one, consult our blog article about web hosting.



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