How to detect Spam
Call or Email Spam
(and avoid their trap!)



date: July 12 2019

Ah! These famous calls … Are you aware of SEO spam or Email Spam calls? In general, SEO Spam Call or Email Spam are directed to businesses, whether small or large. Disguised as “SEO Expert” or even “SEO Guru”, these calls or emails are scams.

If you are not a web search geek, you might be tempted to believe their sales pitch. They offer ridiculously low prices and promise you miracles in terms of SEO.

As a web agency, we know how to detect the real SEO experts versus the scams one. However, not everyone is as lucky. That’s why we have created a short guide to help you quickly detect these scams and ultimately avoid falling into their trap!

Keep your eyes open and your ears listening

Here are some signs that should set you thinking about a possible SEO Spam Call:

  • They will almost immediately point out ‘several errors’ on your site, and give you a speech about everything that is wrong with your site.
  • They can be forceful and almost aggressive in the way they talk, without asking questions about your company and what results you want/need
  • They say they work for Google  (Google will never have a rep call you, they will email you any requests from an official google email domain)
  • The company isn’t named or the person on the line avoids naming himself
  • The phone number seems wrong (more than 10 digits for example)
  • You don’t recognize the area code (Other than 888, 514, 438, 450, etc.)
  • The voice on the line seems to come from far away
  • The signal isn’t good


In terms of fraudulent emails, here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • The email will use scare tactics, pointing out everything that is wrong with your site, and the urgency to fix things.
  • They say they work for Google, but the email seems unofficial, and not from a Google support email domain.
  • The email is either too personalized or not personalized at all
  • The text contains many spelling errors and typos
  • The “company” does not have a website or it isn’t functional
  • You feel the urge to contact them now (Ex: This offer is for a limited time, Hurry, Call us now, Make a deposit to keep our rates, etc.)
  • The email isn’t sent under a business address (Ex:


These few points will help you to see more clearly from the start.

Beware of misleading promises!

However, you didn’t notice anything particular on the phone or by email? Now is the time to look at the content. In fact, it’s time to check the information you’ve been given. Do they make sense or are they empty words?

Pay attention to these frequent pitfalls that seems legit in appearance:

A guaranteed ranking
In the web world, it’s impossible to guarantee 100% a ranking on research sites, let alone the # 1 spot! Even with SEA, it’s possible to increase your chances of appearing among the first results, but it still requires more effort and time than a fake company could offer you. We offer you the first ranking in only 48H? Unlikely!

They personally know someone at Google
It’s impossible to get some information or tips from Google; it’s a top security company and each piece of information is carefully protected under professional secrecy. If someone tells you that they have contact with Google or that they can turn Google’s algorithm around, it’s only because they’re lying to you.

Their strategy is secret
Would you trust someone who refuses to give you information or who diverts each of your questions? If your expert or the company refuses to give you more details about their “incredible strategy”, it’s probably a scam! They only want your money and don’t want you to know about their fraudulent strategy.

Ridiculously low prices
If an offer is too good to be true, it’s probably because it’s not real! The prices of SEO services are substantially the same across the industry; if the offer you are given is up to 50% cheaper than anywhere else, it’s because it’s not a valid offer.

We hope to have informed you about possible scams by phone or email. If you have any other questions, advice or comments, feel free to leave them below.



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How to detect Spam Call or Email Spam (and avoid their trap!)

Ah! These famous calls … Are you aware of SEO spam or Email Spam calls?

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