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date: July 12 2019

Want to see your website appear at the top of Google’s search engine? Your clientele is having trouble finding you on the web? There’s one solution for you: you need to improve the natural referencing of your website. But how to do so?

Natural referencing (SEO) is a durable and effective solution. However, it requires constant attention and several actions must be carried out. To do so, just pay attention to a few important points and your SEO will get better in time. Thanks to your efforts and our advice, your website will be on the top of the list!

Use appropriate keywords

Did you know that using keywords in the programming and content making of your website allows for greater visibility and better Google referencing? As long as you choose the most effective keywords in your field. Let’s use an example. Let’s say you own a pastry. Did you know that by just using the word “pastry” isn’t necessarily effective? It’s a too common word and your website may get lost in the abundance of results.

The ideal keyword is characterized by a high volume of research (without being the most sought-after keyword), direct precision and a strong relevance for your company and its sector of activity.

Think of adding different locations, translate your keywords and choose more specific keywords. For example, adding geographic keywords allows customers and prospects in your industry to locate you whenever they search for something near your company. You are located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district? Add your location to your keywords; you can directly target potential customers in your area. This will make a big difference in the long term SEO of your site.

Add links to your website

Links are these external pages referring to your website. One of the most effective strategies is to publish articles, publications, and promotions within reputable sites or blogs. The more we talk about you, the more you increase your chances of appearing at the top of the list of search engines and your website SEO will be improved.

But be careful with to quantity of links you’re adding to your site! Too much could alert Google and it could be considered as spam. This would create the opposite effect of SEO! Prioritize quality instead of quantity.

Create relevant content

One tip: stand out from your competition by creating original, relevant and high-quality content. One of the most effective ways to deliver relevant content is through a blog. By doing so, you can educate users about your area of ​​expertise, news related to your field or the products and services you offer.

  • Here are some tips:
  • Opt for dynamic writing that reflects the personality of your company
  • Write concise and non-repetitive texts
  • Choose a writing style specific to your company
  • Correct and re-correct your texts

Creating digital content helps support the SEO effort to attract more visitors.

Optimize the design of your website

The latest redesign of your website dates from the 90s? Even if everything comes back to fashion (think of the return of fluo and elephant pants…), it might be time to optimize the aesthetics of your website. Observe the design, logos and color choices of your site. Get inspired by the new websites that you like. Allow your site to be up to date and see the effect it has on its SEO.

But don’t forget that SEO is not magic! It takes time, be patient. But we guarantee that it will pay off!

Choose an SEO Agency

The last but not least solution is to use an agency specialized in SEO and Google Adwords. We are the experts in the field; natural referencing has no secrets for us. We stay on the lookout for new web trends, we know what way to effectively improve Google’s SEO of your website.

We are able to create a marketing plan adapted to your needs and thus, allow you to reach your goals. We will thoroughly examine the content, the technical aspect of your website, the direct competition of your company, the strengths, and weaknesses of your site, etc. Use a website creation agency. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that you deserve because we will take care of everything!

Contact us by email or phone for more information, or drop at our office to chat.



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