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date: July 15 2019

Written content strategies and blog posts are a great way to attract traffic to your site. To maximize your chances of being read, you have to adopt a writing style that can please humans as well as algorithms! Here’s how.

To be read, you have to be found first!

Unless you are the star player of a sports team or the president of the country where Apple and Tesla were born, it may be difficult to get people to read you. In fact, it’s the interest of the search engines algorithms that you must first arouse. They are the ones who will redirect your article to potential readers.

Tip #1 – Question/Answer

Internet users have questions and Google has answers. For example, for Google to show your article “The benefits of synthetic motor oil” to a user who is wondering about the benefits of synthetic motor oil, you have to convince Google of the relevance of your article. That said:

  • The entire article answers the question, not just a paragraph.
  • The article answers the question from the first lines.
  • There are no mistakes in the text.
  • The title, subtitles, and paragraphs share a common lexical field.
  • The content of the article has not been copied from one or more other sources.

To help you structure your article and its content, use the reverse pyramid technique: start your text by answering the question right away and specify the details as you go along.

Tip #2 – Cheaters do not make good writers.

Before you start writing, know this: you will never thwart the algorithms. Never. It’s counterproductive to:

  • Copy the text of a competitor, entirely or partially. Google’s algorithm will detect it.
  • Recycle the same content in different articles. Yes, Google will detect it.
  • Force the keywords in each sentence. Google will detect it, so as your readers!
  • Inventing facts: fake news can grab attention as quickly as it can undermine your credibility. Stay on the bright side of the force.

Tip #3 – Evaluate your articles

It’s essential to monitor the performance of every article. Many tools, such as Google Analytics, let you know how much time people spend reading articles and which topics generate the most clicks. These tools also inform you about the age, gender, and location of your readership. Use these indicators to determine the themes of your future articles and to adjust your style to your target.


  • Text length: between 500 and 800 words minimum
  • Sentence length: 10 to 15 words
  • One idea per paragraph
  • Write the introduction at the end
  • If in doubt, write to the second person plural.
  • Make a call to action at the end of the article.
  • Check if the article answers the “5W”: Who? What? Where? When? Why?



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3 Tips to be found on the Web

Written content strategies and blog posts are a great way to attract traffic to your site.

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