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Un coeur pour les autres

At Inovision, we are proud to be involved in our community and to give back to the underprivileged. In addition to offering our SEO and website design services to Un coeur pour les autres, we decided to partner with this company in order to do more for the community.

The organization Un coeur pour les autres was founded in 2002. Its mission? Help the underprivileged by relieving their suffering through a warm presence and concrete actions. Volunteers provide support, listening, a helping hand, while offering meals and clothing, such as socks.



In numbers, Un coeur pour les autres is:

  • 35 dedicated volunteers are always ready to help one another.
  • More than 300 homeless or underprivileged helped each week throughout the Montreal and Longueuil territories.
  • $ 220,000: the value of food distributed year after year thanks to the generosity of the donors.

Inovision owner, Félix Bégin, is proud to take the time to volunteer for Un coeur pour les autres. The homeless cause is something that is important to us at Inovision. We believe that Un coeur pour les autres support program provides support and help for those in need. We believe in helping each other and in giving back to our community; that’s why we chose to partner with them.


Our work for Un coeur pour les autres: we performed a new branding to give it a second wind. In marketing, branding is the creation of a new coherent brand image throughout the different platforms of the company. Therefore, we have developed a direct, modern and dynamic style: using black, white and red accents, it draws the eye to points, data or important information about the organization’s work.

For their website, our developers and designers have designed a modern site where it’s easy to navigate. Simple but effective. They also thought of highlighting several buttons saying “Donate”. Placed at strategic locations, it’s very easy for visitors to make a simple click and make a donation to the organization. This has helped to encourage visitors to take action.

See what Inovision can do for you. But above all, think of what you can do for others.



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