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Cuisine de rue

You’ve probably already noticed these famous Food Trucks located all over the Island of Montreal, but have you ever heard of the organization Cuisine de rue? Created in 2012 by two food enthusiasts, Gaëlle Cerf and Guy Vincent Melo, this organization aims to promote street food throughout the greater metropolitan area and across different regions of Quebec. The Quebec Street Restaurant Association (ARRQ) is now proud to count more than 50 members.

Their goal? Promote street food, promote the use of high-quality foods, eco-compostable containers, and local products, as well as encourage the discovering of Quebec gastronomy but also from everywhere around the globe. Poutines, lobster rolls, ice creams, churros, Indian cuisine, and much more might end up together in different events and festivals.


Even though the founders and members of the ARRQ are working hard to make their association known, they chosed our marketing services to help promoting their brand. They took care of the food, we took care of the “branding” part. The goal of branding is to create a consistent image across the various platforms of the company. The branding includes: a new look for the website, their Twitter and their Instagram, the creation of a new brand image for Cuisine de rue as well as the optimization of the different functionalities on their website.

Targeting a young urban market, Cuisine de rue has opted for a trendy, but vintage look. Exactly the kind of visual and design that is attractive to millennials! So we created a completely unique design for their website: new layout, optimized website navigation, original and modern menu style, etc. Our team of designing and marketing experts also made sure to incorporate the same look for Twitter and Instagram from Cuisine de rue. A uniform look is a always winner.


Faites-nous confiance et voyez ce qu’Inovision peut accomplir pour vous.

This has allowed Street Food to boost the promoting of their organization and services, to reach a larger clientele on the web, in addition to benefiting from a brand new image that is reflecting their vision and style.

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